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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Umbrella hat and more!

Hiya Jammers!
Today I'm gonna make something different and post about more than just the new item! I'll include a small Carnival mystery, a guide on how to make the Phantom Cotton Candy and something I saw at the Dunk-A-Phantom game. So basically it will be a Carnival themed post! First, today's new item, sold at the Summer Carnival for 1000 tickets is the Umbrella Hat!
I simply love this item! And I'm really happy it's for all Jammers! I tested it out on some of my my animal and it is just MASSIVE! Here it is on my rhino!
Giant, eh? It really works as an umbrella! Next, some Jammers were wondering, how to make the Phantom Cotton Candy, so here is the guide:
Step 1. Find and play the cotton making game. After you found and started playing it, select a cone! (It can be any cone you want)
Step 2. When the flavour picking starts choose the first flavour to be black.
Step 3. When you have the black flavour, a ''Done'' button will appear, but don't click it yet! Insted click on the white flavour.
Step 4. When you have the black and white flavour, click the black flavour box again.
Step 5. Run around the Carnival and enjoy your Phantom Cotton Candy!
I hope that helped and cleared out things for some Jammers! Now, a small mystery for all of you!
You know this little stage thing, with a strange chest, a box, another box and the sack? What do you think will happen here? Lastly, something I spotted while playing the new Carnival game!
A golden Phantom appeared! It gave 25x2 points when I dunked it :3 Neat, eh? Have you seen this phantom before? Leave a comment below, Enjoy the Carnvial and Jam On!

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