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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rhinos Are Back!

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have SUCH a great update in store for us from the HQ! Let's start with the Jamaa Journal!
On the 1st page we have news about our little armored fellars coming back to the lands of Jamaa! Yep, Rhinos are back! You can learn more about these creatures at the Conservation Museum's Rhino Exhibit!
Neat, eh? I really enjoy the rhinos' actions and movements. I think they look awesome! What about you? Let's move on!
On the second page, we have news about In The Deep, Jamaa's newest ocean adventure! I simply love that whale with that wittle hat! I wish he was an animal, though he is too big... The new adventure is just epic! I can already tell you a tip, if you don't like getting gems, then I suggest not to choose the bottom left box. I already got 2 of the prizes, which are, Whirlpearl (Underwater boomseeds) clam and Bioluminescent Coral!
Neat, right? The Clam doesn't really have any effect, it just sparkles, while the Coral glows up when you click on it! You can find that adventure in the Map on the Adventures section! 
Moving on...
On the 3rd page, we have news about the new game in the Summer Carnival: Dunk-A-Phantom. And from the first look, it looks absolutely amazing! On the right side, we have news about the New Carnival prizes that are coming soon! I really hope that hat is for all Jammers, while the Pizza thing is like a blanket :3
If you miss the little target thing, the phantom starts to laugh. And if you hit it, it does a weird sound :3 Neat, eh? So far, I'm enjoying this new game!
Over at the last page, we have news about the Hatapalooza, Jamaa's biggest hat sale yet! Every hat is now 50% off and it will continue for 2 weeks! Aka, until the next update :3 On the left side, we have news about the Jamaaliday Jam appearing in the party list! That's really awesome! I can't wait to visit it once again. Lastly, today's new item! The Horse Claw located at the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds!
That's pretty neat! I'll try to get it and collect these animal-special claws! What about you, will you collect these special claws? Did you enjoy this update? Leave a comment below and Jam On!

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  1. "In too deep" just sounds inappropriate o-o (a bunch of guys at my school always say "in too deep", so that's why I thought about it =_=)



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