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Monday, 7 July 2014

Rare Samurai Helmet and 5,000 views party re-plan!

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have quite an epic rare in store for us! The Rare Samurai Helmet! Sold in Jam Mart Clothing's 13th page for 950 gems! (Yikes! The high prices are back!)
This looks neat! I love the color match! It will take a lot of weeks to finish the set though... Over at the DE, we have an article about today's rare!
Don't you just love how AJHQ includes some facts to the articles of Rare Item Mondays? I personally enjoy them :3 Next, the party failed, because something happened with my internet so I must re-plan it! It will be on Sunday same time, same place! Lastly, have you noticed that a lot of den/clothing items are going on clearance? This clearance item made me really mad!
Are you serious!? Zios fountain is for clearance!? What's next; all of the Alpha statues are going on clearance? Isn't Zios supposed to be important to the Jamaa's Lore? Err... I think AJHQ is going overboard with these clearance... What about you? Leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!


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