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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pet Rhinos, Otters, Items, New Party and much more!

Hiya Jammers!
I have finally recovered from my ill! Though, I'm really sorry I wasn't able to post during the recovery time... To pay up for it, I'll make a lot more informative post this time! So, today we have an update, which came a little too early! You got that right, today's the update day! (It should have been tomorrow, lol. But I always enjoy when they release them earlier :3) Get comfy, this is gonna be a LONG post. So let's start with the Jamaa Journal!
First page introduces us to Jamaa's newest pet, The Pet Rhino! You can find these adorable stompy companions at the diamond shop and can purchase them for 3 diamonds! It's a bit sad that another pet is in the Diamond Shop. They should make more for the original pet shop, don't ye think?
These look absolutely amazing! Though, I won't be buying one yet cause I'm saving up for a Kangaroo animal. Moving on to the next page!
This page tells us about Jamaa's oldest Newest party, the Beta Party! I am simply in love with this party! It sells amazing items. You might have noticed the circled O at the Top Left of the page, I circled it to solve the puzzle! (What puzzle you ask? You will see in a bit!) These are the screenshots I was able to make when I was at the Beta Party!
You appear on the bridge and you go irght to enter the house or the backyard. (To get to the backyard just click any spot in it).
When you enter the house, you will see the main room. There are LOTS of amazing items there! You have an option to go downstairs to the Basement or up to the Attic (or second floor)!
This is the attic (or second floor), it's full of loads unreleased and amazing items as well! There are some pictures on the top that can be best seen with Eagles.
Interesting, eh? A bunch of animals and Jamaa in day and Jamaa and night on the left, I guess?
There are also more pictures that you can see when you're climbing the ladder between the main floor and the attic! I like that wolf so much, he's so adorable :3
This is the basement! Basically it's a little place to rock out with your band! (Basements are always the best place to do that!) 
At the basement, there's also a little store on the bottom right corner! It's full of loads ''Beta'' items!
They aren't beta but they are definetly from the beta days (They were never released!). Be sure not to fall for tricks! Always check the stores before trading for items you never saw! The only item that's missing is the Beta Panda Banner. so I guess it will come out next? I wonder what other items will come out :3
There's also a little triple-canvas painting! It shows how the Palmtree grows. Moving on to the next page!
On this page we have news about a new animal coming to Jamaa! And this is the puzzle I was talking about :3 There's a T at the top left corner circled. So now we have OT. On the right side, we have the news about the Accesory Contest Winner! And the item that won is a Ribbon Scarf! So neat! We can buy it in Jam Mart Clothing along with the new Candy Necklace!
These 2 are just amazing! You can make a ninja using that Ribbon Scarf. I wonder why the Candy neckalce doesn't have the ''New'' thing on it... Moving on!
On the 4th page we have news about the Official Animal Jam Insiders Guide being sold! I can't wait to see this little magazine/book! On this page, we also have another T circled! Now we have OTT. Moving On!
On the 5th page we have news about a Den Item Contest, where you can vote for your favorite den item set! I am definetly voting for the Icecream parlour! Click the ''Vote now'' button to vote for your favorite! We also have an E circled! So that means now we have OTTE! Moving on to the last page!
On the last page, we have news about ''In Too Deep", Jamaa's newest ocean adventure receiving a Hard Mode! That's neat! I can't wait to play it. On the right side we have news about AJHQ releasing new videos every day, so keep your eyes peeled for these videos to appear in Sarepia Theather, Brady's Theather and Tierney's Thather! Along with this page we have the last letter of the puzzle R! And we get: OTTER! That's right, Otters are coming to Jamaa! I can't wait!
Lol, a little something I made on a hurry. With the new update, we also have another new item! The Grill! Sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems!
These seem neat! They go well with the Terrace set :3 Speaking of den items, we have a new tool!
With only 2 clicks you can clear your den fully so that there were no items left! I hope there will be a paint tool for nonmembers and members to paint their dens with! There are also new loading screens in store for us!

I like these so much, so summerish! I did like the Alpha ones a little bit better. We also have this update's Activity Calendar!
And lastly, the 2x gem game!
Now you can play Overflow and earn double gems! That's all for now :3 What other items would you like to see come out in the Beta Party? Leave a comment below and Jam On!


  1. I'm so glad they finally added a clearing tool...

    1. Same here! I was getting tired of going trough my whole item storage and just clicking those little boxes. Some people even go trough the items and delete the items manually, like click the little X!

  2. i love the way the red sparkles come of the mouse on this blog!

  3. hi ppl I cant wait till the otter comes out on august 21!

  4. hi I cant wait till the new animal jam otter comes out! and I know the date!

    1. isnt the date the 21??


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