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Friday, 4 July 2014

Patched Chair!

Hiya Jammers!
Happy 4th of July! Release the fireworks! Today we have a new item that AJHQ has patched for us! The Patched Chair!
This is such an epic den item! But it would be better if it was for all, though! I guess we're gonna get a patched couch as well to go with the theme :3 Lastly, a little gltich I spotted when buying necklaces on my storage:
This purchase can't be made right now? What do you mean? I guess I glitched it up! Have any other glitches you have encountered and want to share? Comment them below! Happy jamming!


  1. I hate the buddy list glitch, where it only lets you see the bottom portion of your list. The only way to overcome this is restarting, sadly :(

  2. Interesting glitch owo
    BTW you wrote this is such an epic den instead of den item haha


    1. Oh ya, lol. Thanks for telling me! It should be fixed by now :3

  3. I hate how even on holidays the new item is member... Some nice present for the celebration that is.

    1. Ikr, it's a bit like only members can fully celebrate >:T


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