Christmas Lights

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

More drawings

Hiya Jammers!
I have finished up another drawing for everyone to enjoy! This took meme around 4 hours to draw! Crazy, eh? But I finally finished it :3 Here it is:
 The weirdest thing, I never worked with shading... What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and Jam On!
PS: I will post today's new item in a few minutes!


  1. Whoa O.O That is good, dude.

    1. Thank you c: I bet your art is as astonishing as any other art!

  2. It's really cool ;O
    I think the thingers are a little too big. I'll give you a stupid-but-great tip for shading: draw a little sun with rays somewhere, it will help you with the shading. Believe me, it works xD


    1. Thanks c: I'll be sure to use that the next time!

  3. It's great! Wow!

    I agree... Shading takes an awfully long time!


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