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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Beta Table, Cactus Fence, New chat and upcoming Tunes!

Hiya Jammers!
Sorry for this delay of yesterday's post! I was so tired I didn't feel like doing anything, but now I'll finally post! Yesterday, we had 2 new items! The first one was the beta table sodl in the Beta Party for 300 gems!
I love this item! It's small but really awesome. The next item was sold in Treetop Gardens, the Cactus Fence!
This item can also be purchased for 300 gems! I will defiently be using this item in my den. Lastly, some blog news! I have recent;y added a chat to the blog. So feel free to visit anytime but be sure to follow the rules under the chat. Also, I'm going to add Tunes to the top of the blog so start sugesting which ones should I add! That's all for now I think, I will post today's new item in around 1 hour so stay tuned :3 Happy Jamming!

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