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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A bunch of new items!

Hiya Jammers!
I'm deeply sorry I didn't post these days! I'm far away from the city, so the connection is a bit bad! Anyways, today we have a bunch of amazing new items! Let's start with the first one that we missed! The Epic Antlers!
Amazing, right? I love these items so much! They kind of remind me of Siggurd, the deer alpha :3 Next, we have the next new item including today's new item! The Star and Heart Pillows!
These are so adorable! If I get any more den space, I will definetly buy these! :o Lastly, we have a new balloon hat in store for us at the Summer Carnival!
This looks awesome! Though, I'm not sure I will be seeing anyone wearing these... Eh, we'll see. That's all for now! I didn't add the Monday rare because I couldn't get a snapshot of it, so sorry! What other items would you like to see come to the stores of Jamaa? Leave a comment below and Jam On!


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