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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Vine Flower Lamp

Hey Jammers!
Only 1 more day left to go until Summer Break! With that, I'm going on a fieldtrip with my class starting June 9th. It will continue until either June 12th or 13th. I'm looking forward to it.Anyways, today we ahve antoher item to go to our Vine collection! The Vine Flower Lamp!
I think this is just adorable! And it reminds me of the Snow white flowers that bloom only during the early spring! (Or do those not bloom in America?) These beautiful Vine Flower Lamps are for sale in Jam Mart Furniture so be sure to grab a few! Next, a little DE post from Liza!
This is a Jammer Snaps post in the theme, Hummingbirds! Once I get a lion, I will definetly start collecting diamond shop pets or dens. I don't know why, but I want to collect the animals first. So what other vine themed items would you like to see come next to the stores of Jamaa; a Vine hat? A Vine Sweater? Leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!

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