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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tiki Peck Statue and the Truth behind my username!

Hiya Jammers!
I have this little story that I ahve to share with you guys! But first, today's new item sold at Jam Mart Furniture, the Peck Tiki Statue! (The collection is almost coplete, now all we need is Greely!) The Peck tiki statue can be bought for 500 gems!
I love it how the tiki statues look all mad/silly/derpy! That's a detail that I always admire :3 Now, the little story behind my username, "ancientclawz". Some Jammers around Jamaa have been asking: "How did you come up with your user?". So here's the story:
I was playing on my past user, FurryTheOwl (I didn't use to be into spiritual things back then, lol). After a few months of creating that user, I got sick of it for no reason. So I started thinking of changing my user. I asked AJHQ to change my user but I have already switched it once, so they didn't allow me to do it. So I just started thinking of random users I can go by. It took around 9 months until I realised the perfect user (I've gone trough a lot of changes in those months, which includes: I started liking spiritual things, I got interested in history, art, music and all that stuff). Later I was just lost with what user I should make. Then I remembered reading a book, and the first capital letter which was an A was turned into a star like this:
Here's the A, which you can EASILY turn into a 5 point star.
 Then I realised, that my user should definetly start with an A. Unfortunetly, I was so pumped in creating the perfect username that I forgot to Capitalize the first letter, A. And that's how I got ancientclawz. I hope you enjoyed this little story! How did you come up with your username? I can't wait to hear the story! Idk why though, I think that this story didn't make sence, lol. Anyways what other items would you like to see coem out or come back next? Leave a comment below, I'm looing forward to reading and replying to it, Happy Jamming!


  1. Meh username came from my Pet Pet Park username which I got by pink2003 taken so I decided to add 30 for no reason. XD

    1. I play PetPetPark too (sometimes that is) That's an interestign story though c:

  2. How interesting! I can't believe you were FurryTheOwl! Do you remember MetroLeafs and XxRobinHoodxX? I was their friends too! :3

    1. Oh yea! I just didn't get to know you fully, though. But it's a good thing the truth is now revealed :3

  3. The truth behind my username:
    I have always loved cheese. Cheese is my passion. My old account griffin1098 was scammed over 20+ times I said to myself it was the curse of the griffin. Its not the first time this curse has happened to me. So, like I do whenever I'm stressed I got out some smoked gouda and thought about animal jam I went on what I call a "cheese rush". See I don't go on sugar rush. I go on cheese rush. I opened up animal jam and made a new account. I named it cheeselover at first only to find it was taken. I then tried 12345 at the end and it was not taken! On this account I have been very lucky. I'm happy with my username and I'm never gonna change it.


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