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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Soccer Ball Mask!

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have quite a freaky yet awesome item from the AJHQ in the stores of Jamaa! The Soccer Ball Mask sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 750 gems.
This seems nice actually, but as the den item, it has little paw details on it. I respect little Paw Details :3 It looks great in stores, but on animals it looks a bit weird.
Here it is on my tiger! I like it for it's weirdness. I saw some Jammers in Jamaa saying that it'sboring and not ''pretty'' enough. But that made me mad. So sorry, but that's all I can post for now. Not much to post about, lol. You can send in or comment some ideas. So what other items do you want to see next come to the stores of Jamaa? Do you like this football/soccer team? Be sure to leave a comment, Happy Jamming!

1 comment:

  1. The Soccer Mask is so epic. It's like a goalie was trying to do a header, but the ball was so big and heavy it smashed into their face. 030


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