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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sir Gillbert Statue and Signature!

Hiya Jammers!
Today I had quite a busy day! I was working on my signature that I could use for posts. And I finally did it! But first, today's new item, The Sir Gillbert Tiki Statue! Which is sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 500 gems.
I think this statue is just ADORABLE! And as sae as the underwater one, he has those little spike details! (That I admire a lot, lol) That's all I have to post about for today! So sorry for this really short post. So what other tiki statues would you like to see come out next? Do you want to see the other Alpha tiki statues (Ruby, LaSale, Amelia, etc.)? Be sure to leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!
PS: I created this signature using


  1. That's a pretty signature! It's so... ancient! x3


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