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Monday, 2 June 2014

Rare Propeller and Monday Facts!

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have quite an epic rare in store for us! The Rare Propeller!
This looks so cool! All though, when you wear it, it can be quite blurry with the main and the gear colors. Apart from that, this is quite an epic rare item! A bit pricey though!
This is my newest shark, Explorer Scaryjammer wearing today's rare the Rare Propeller! You can buy the Propeller in Bahari Bargains on the 6th page for 950 gems (High Price Alert!). Over at the DE we have an Article about today's rare from the AJHQ!
This Article is just wonderful! I love how on the new DE, both Alphas and the AJHQ post :3 Now for the special day, I will do Monday Facts every 2 weeks! Which means, there will be a pattern. 1st. Monday Mystery 2nd. Monday Facts. So next week will be Monday Mystery. Fact of the monday: 
Did you know, that there is a new Animal Species discovered every now and then? Actually, scientists have already found over 20 new animal spieces this year! Including The Olinguito, an adorable lemur-like animal
 And the ''Transparent'' snail. A snail with a transparent shell! That's quite rad! :3
Quite Epic species scientists have found recently, eh? I can't wait to see more! For more new species of plants and animals, click here! What rare would you like to see next coem to the stores of Jamaa? What do you think of the new and improved Daily Explorer; Do you like it, or do you not? What about the species, have you ever seen these? Do you know any other new species? Be sure to leave a comment with what's on your mind! I am looking forward to reading them! Happy Jamming!


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