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Monday, 30 June 2014

Rare Freedom Tie, Monday Mystery and Monday Facts!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for these delayed posts. To pay up for it, I'll include both Monday Mystery and Monday Facts into this post! But first, today's rare, the Rare Freedom Tie, sold in Jam Mart Clothing's 5th page for 550 gems!
This seems pretty neat! I can't wait to see outfits people come up with it! The one thing I don't really enjoy about the new Freedom items, is that the Blue and the Red are way darker than the old ones! Speaking of the old ones, keep an eye out for a new contest in the Contests page! These are the prizes that I have decided to give away in the contest:
I will be putting it into the contests page soon, so come back and see if it's up! Note: I have doubles of Freedom Mask, Freedom Helmet and Freedom Bands, so I will give the extra ones to the ones that participated! Lastly, the Monday special! Let's do the Monday Mystery first!
I think most of you saw this little board in the Captain Meliville's Juice Hut. But I bet most of you can't read the handwritting! What could those little symbols mean? Who or what wrote them? I can't wait to hear your stories! And now, it's time for the Monday Facts! And the theme is: Amphibian! I know that some of you know what Amphibian means. But just to be sure, Amphibians are animals that live both in the Water and on Land (the Amphibian group includes: Toads, Frogs, Salamanders and other). So the facts!
Amphibians are vertebrates, which means they have spines and backbones
All of them are cold-blooded
All Amphibians breathe trough their skin
 They go trough Metamorphosis, which means they hatch from eggs, but don't look like their parents. But as they develop, their body shape changes! Here is a picture of a very amazing looking Amphibian
Look at it, the color match is just amazing! I never knew that red and icy blue go well together that much! This animal is no other but the Poison Dart Frog! Scientific name: Dendrobatidae. That's all for now! What other Rare Monday Item would you like to see come out next? Leave a comment below! Happy Jamming!

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