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Monday, 16 June 2014

Rare Fedora and Gazelle Horns!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this delay of posts, I was really busy yesterday. Was working with the computer designs of the Ankylosaurus. Anywho today we have another monday, with that we have quite an unexpected rare to pack it up! But first yesterday's EPIC item! The Gazelle horns have returned to Jamaa! What an exciting little event AJHQ did! You can grab them in Jam Mart Clothing for 250 gems! (quite cheap, yay!)
I honestly think that gazelles returning is a really good idea! I have already gotten all colors! But beware, most Jammers around AJ trick people! Always look in stores before you trade! Next, today's special rare, the Rare fedora! Sold at Jam Mart Clothing, 10th page for 950 gems (yikes, prices are up again!)
I like this color match! It's a little bit pale, but great for people that like light colors, don't ye' think? And lastly, a post at the DE to wrap today's rare up! An Article from the AJHQ about these cool rares!
That Arctic Wolf looks fabulous in my opinion! There are a bunch of epic facts about these hats called ''Fedoras'', so be sure to check it out! So sorry for this no special day week, have been really busy with the work. What other items would you like to see come back or come out to the stores of Jamaa? Did you enjoy Gazelles coming back? If not, why? Be sure to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!


  1. That hat tho...
    It's so shnazzy o-o

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