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Friday, 6 June 2014

Lemurs with Vine Lamps

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have another vine lamp item to add into out collection. I am simply LOVING this new theme. In other news, I got out of school ( Finally!), so I will try and post on normal time. Anyways, today's new item - The Vine Lamp! Quite an adorable item if you ask me!
I love how they are making these new natural, harm-free lamps! Yet, not a single one for all Jammers, maybe one will come out? The future will tell. You can buy this beautiful lamp at Jam Mart Clothing for 425 gems, so be sure to grab one! Next, we have an AJHQ+A article about Lemurs on the Daily Explorer from the AJHQ!
I think we already had an AJHQ+A about lemurs on the old Daily Explorer. It might be just me, but I'm going trough an extreme case of dejavu. Anywho, this post includes a cool video from Dr. Brady Barr and some facts about Lemurs! Wow, I never knew that ''Lemur'' meant ''Spirit of the night'' in Latin, sound mysterious! Lastly, a weird thing I spotted while checking Traffic Sources, Search Keywords.
The marked entry just confused me, lol. So what other lamps in theme ''Vine'' would you like to see come out next? What kind of should it be? Do you want it to have flowers or any other details? Member or for All Jammers? What about the AJHQ+A, did you know those facts about Lemurs? Have you ever seen a Lemur of your own? Leave a comment with that's on your mind below, Happy Jamming!

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