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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kites, Upcoming Animal Jam Mobile and a Note from the AJHQ!

Hiya Jammers!
Today we have some big news on the Animal Jam Mobile! But first, today's new item, The Kite. A returning item that flew into the Summer Carnival and can be bought for 2500 tickets!
I really like Kites for some reason. These come in all sorts of colors that are great for summer, so be sure to get one of your own before the Carnival packs up! Now, some news on the upcoming Animal Jam Mobile!
So, as we can all see, someone has asked the AJHQ about the upcoming Animal Jam Mobile that might be here before the end of the year. And as well with that AJ has replied: "Hi (name classified), we're going to be testing the app within AJHQ, but you can be sure we'll let EVERYONE know the minute it's done!" So they will be testing at the HQ on their own and then release it... That sounds just epic! I really can't wait! Also I classified the names so the person would feel safe, lol. Also we have a little note/drawing from the AJHQ about that all fman122 conspiracy!
So this little drawing tell everyone that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a virus from a Jam-A-Gram! Perhaps the all Conspiracy was just a little bit off? Maybe fman122 jsut sent the Jam-A-Grams to people who targeted. And the Necklace meant something else? Well anyways, I'm happy that this all fman122 thing calmed down. Just that those clones you see everyday in Jamaa... Freaking out Jammers. Also, another thing. You know recycledbeards, right? Some of the Jammers have been reporting computer crashes when they go to his den! Could that be true? If yes, then why? Leave a comment below if you know anything about this, Stay Safe and Jam On!
PS: What did you think of this post? Did you like it?
PPS: I have made a YouTube channel not that long ago. But, I need help finding a great screen recorder. Do you know any?


  1. I went to recycledbeards's den and my animal froze for a hour..

    1. Recyclebeardz12 and reyclebeardz12 may be the return of fman122.. who knows? Maybe HQ just didn't known much about viruses and just wanted to calm all the seven-year-olds down for a year...

  2. Ancient checkout my blog I wrote the story there.

  3. A good screen recorder I use is Techsmith Snaggit. It records your screen and voice (yay!) and it's free as well. I don't know how well it works on Macs, but it's really good on my computer. (I think you have to download it from Chrome as well)


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