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Friday, 27 June 2014

Crystal Palaces, Pet Giraffes and more!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this big delay of posts! I am now out of the street, so the wi-fi is a bit slow, so I can't really log in that much, so once again, sorry! You all know that contest that I made 2-3 weeks ago? Well, now it's time to announce the winner! And the winner is...
Congrats Naffy Taffy (aka Nafaria9)! She may have won this contest, but do not worry! I have way more contests and giveaways coming up! So keep an eye out! Now it's time for the update that came out yesterday! First the Jamaa Journal!
First page, we have news about the NEW giraffe pets, that are absolutely adorable!
These are so adorable! And of course, not resisting the adorableness, I bought one of my own! (2 Actually, lol) These are located at the Diamond shop, so be sure to buy one of your own! Moving on...
On the next page, we have news about Jamaa's newest and BIGGEST den yet, the Crystal Palace! And if I may say, it really IS the biggest den! (I lost a few buddies in mine, lol) It includes a bunch of floors, a lot of Jamaa's rituals too! With that, it has a little boat, an island and a mountain peek for eagles, a deep dungeon, 2 Emblems, a huge crystal, a LOT of fauna, it also includes some Jamaasian rituals too and a LOT more, so when you have the chance, be sure to grab one! It is also in the diamond shop (sadly) and it costs more then the other dens.
7 Diamonds, you say? But it really is worth it. I hope you love your's! Moving on to the next page!
Next page tells us about the Freedom party that is now back and about our dear lions that just became endangered! The new Freedom party includes a new item, A Freedom Raccoon Hat! How neat! (Sorry, I wasn't able to snap a picture) The other side of this page is half of a lie, because when I went to the Conservation Museum, there was no Lion themed knowledge. Moving on to the next page!
Here we have the 4th page. It includes some new stuff happening with the new underwater adventures! On the left side, news about the newest adventure, Bubble Trouble getting a hard mode. With a little bit more challange and new prizes that you can earn! On the right side, some news about a Tunnel that is now placed in Bahari Bay that will lead to the Underwater Adventure Base Camp!
This is located on the center left side of Bahari Bay. Speaking of the Underwater Base Camp, we have the new music in the Diamond Shop!
You can get it for 1 diamond. and it sounds amazing :3
On the 5th page, we have news about our dear Rhinos FINALLY returning from their REALLY long travels! Along with that, we have a funny video in the title: "Peck One Already" from the AJHQ! You can view it trough Jammer Central or click the video below!

Neat, right? I just love that little birdie, I hope they come out as pets some day :3 Moving on to the Last page!
On the last page, we have news about another new sale which is in the Epic Wonders Clothing orb!
Everything is 50% off, so be sure to use this opportunity and buy your favorite Epic Wonders accesories today! Remember, this sale won't last forever! It will end on the next update! On the right side of the last page we have a reminder about the next cool accesory contest! Have you entered? Also, yesterday's new item! The Straw Hat!
This item is just EPIC! I love how it's natural and that is for ALL Jammers to enjoy! Be sure to grab one in Jam Mart Clothing for 450 gems! Lastly, there are new Freedom plushies in the Carnival Plushie Booth! So be sure to grab them while you can!
These are quite expensive O.o I bet not many Jammers will be purchasing these. What about you? Will you buy these new plushies? Leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!


  1. Thank you again! ^-^ Everyone also did an awesome-opossum job. I looked at the entries below me and I noticed barely any mistakes! They were all so perfect! Also good job everyone who tried!

    The update was super cool, by the way. :3

    1. Congrats Naffy x3 I'm so happy that at least some Jammers aren't selfish c:


    I could've entered, but a.) I am too lazy during the summer, it's like my brain just shuts off, and b.) Naffy deserves the prize anyways. :3

    I kind of wish pet giraffes were non-member; I feel like they look kind of non-member-friendly to me. XD

    1. Yeah i agree, giraffes look like they could be a non-member pet. I think that there should be more nm stuff in the Diamond Shop

  3. Congrats!! :DD
    Just one thing still kinda annoys me... Everyone put "Liza" for the first Alpha Mira chose, but I read in a DE article that Peck was the only alpha to be chosen by Mira, so that leads me to think that they kinda just copy/pasted Nafaria's entry >3<
    Again congrats :3


  4. Love this blog, I just read a bit of it and its very well wrote!


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