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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bubble Trouble, New Items, Idea for AJ and More!

Hiya Jammers!
I'm finally back from the mini vacation I took! So now, I have a lot to post. So let's get started! First the Jamaa Journal.
First page, already great news! We have finally got our first Underwater adventure. And with that, it's for ALL Jammers to enjoy! How great! This is the first adventure in Jamaa history that didn't have a Beta test! That dolphin looks just ADORABLE but the phantoms behind him do not. I will post the item you can win in this adventure in tomorrow's post! You can find this adventure in the Map.
This adventure includes pipes, corals, a lot of phantoms, tubes, keys, dolphins, clams, treasures and more! So be sure to grab a few buddies and go on this new adventure! Moving on to the next page!
On this page, we have news about the new features in the Daily Spin! Now there are more special slots in the daily wheel! You now have a bigger chance of getting diamonds and a small chance of getting a rare gift! I forgot to snap a picture of the wheel itself (silly me). On the right side, we have news about the all new extra 10 colors added to the Color Pallete! Now, most Diamond Shop secret colors are now available!
 I love how they added more shades of our favorite colors! I mostly like the new green and yellow color shades. Moving on!
Next we have news about the Spirit Armor returning to the Diamond shop with all 2 new parts! The Amulet and the tail!
The full set costs 9 diamonds, so be sure to grab your wanted pieces! On the right side, we have news about a whole new sale in Jamaa! The Flag Shop sale! Now each flag is now 50% off, so use this apportunity while you can!
Moving on!
Next, we have news about a new Contest for a new item! We need a gaming type accesory... On the right side, we have news about the new Prinstable Pages at the Medical Center! Moving on!
This is the last page with quite sad news... The Lions are going to be endangered and we only have 2 weeks to get them before they leave the Diamond Shop. I really hope I can save up diamonds for this Big Cat. So far I only have 1 diamond, lol. In other news, we have 2 new badges for our little nametags!
And we got the new Hyena and Leaf/Feather badge! I'm not sure what the badge on the left is... Next, today's new item, the Pro Soccer Goal, sold at the Jam Mart Furniture.
This looks pretty neat! I love how AJHQ always releases items in the theme of the event. This one represents the World Cup 2014 that is held in Brazil! Now all we need is a Pro Soccer Ball. We also have 2 new land Tiki Alpha Statues! The Liza and Cosmo tiki statues!
I like these ones a lot, lol. I'll definetly will be making a tiki den! These are sold in Jam Mart Furniture. Now the idea for AJ! We all know and saw that dinosaur trapped in ice near the Moon Lake in Mt. Shiveer, right? Well here's what I think should happen!
I think the ice should break and there should be a slide to a land where Dinosaurs roam! Kind of like in Ice Age 3! I would love if this happened for real! But if we send this idea to AJ, mabe they will think about it? Imagine, DINOSAURS in AJ! It would be just epic! Note: I'm a bad editor. Extra Mote: Those green things are actually trees, lol. So what items would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaa? Would you like them to be for All Jammers or Member Only items? Did you like today's update? What about the idea, do you think it should happen or not? Be sure to leave a comment with what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!


    (I have nothing against Brazil, it's just that I'm Croatian. :3)

  2. I think the badge is some kind of coffee bean o3o
    I like your idea, although personaly I would hange the Dinosaur thing to some underground land and you become a phantom :P



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