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Friday, 13 June 2014

Ankylosaurus design

Hiya Jammers!
 I have finally completed the first design for the dinosaurs! At first, it's in pencil form, later, I'll do it in the game form.
What do ye think? This took me 10 minutes to draw. More will be up soon, so be back to check them out! What other dinosaurs would you like to see? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming!


  1. TEN MINUTES??!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???!!!!??!!!?? O3O
    An inked and colored animal always takes me from 30-60 mins o-o
    *bows down*


  2. Just telling ya, I bought "Love Runs Out" :3 Teehee

    MythyehehvBwkm V@nhwwon. ?_>]*=['. Jeksmx. n :3

    1. 1. Listen to it regulary
      2. Listen to it while eating
      1 and 2 = no difference
      3. Listen to it regulary with eyes shut and while eating. 3 = TOTALLY AWESOOOOOOMMMEEE


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