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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Zios Rug and my 1st contest! (Update)

Hey Jammers!
Today we have an epic item sold at Epic Wonders Furniture Orb the Zios Rug!
This looks amazing! It sparkles, it's shiny and so cool, I'll definetly get this once I save up enaugh gems (I spent the last 4K gems on the Water park den, lol) Anywho, I'm having a small contest! A small ART contest actually, what will you have to do:
1.Design the item given
2. Find the hidden objects around Jamaa
So, for the 1st thing, I'm giving free Spiked Collar linearts and you'll have to just color them in!
 You can either just copy paste to Paint, or download it by right clicking it, you can get 2 extra points on the scavenger hunt. (You don't have to color it in, only if you want some extra points, if you do, send them into or post it on your blog.) And for the hunt, you'll have to find these 8 hidden objects around Jamaa!
That's all, whoever finds these all and colors the linearts in get's a free spirit helmet I'll send it if the winner is member if the winner is not a member, I'll simply trade them the prize. I'm sorry the prize isn't a huge rare but let's start slow. The person with the BEST Spike color in wins a free extra prize a Rare Top Hat! What other items would you like to see next? Would you like them to be returning or a brand NEW item? Be sure to comment what you think and enter the contest, Happy Jamming!

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