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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Woven Hat and Upcoming Changes!

Hiya Jammers!
Once again, so sorry for this time delayed post! Anyways, today we have just an item PERFECT for Summer! The Woven Hat, sold at Jam Mart Clothing :3
I think this item goes just epicly with the Woven Shoes! Sure, it would have been nice if it was for all Jammers, though. I like the wittle Butterfly detail :3 Also great news, I scored 3 diamonds today in the daily spin!
I started eeping and hopping around. Now I am only 1 diamond short to buying a new Diamond Shop animal :3 Lastly we have the upcoming changes! 
1. I will be adding more polls (will try to make them daily).
2. There will be music soon (You will get to choose the artist and the songs).
3. A new Season, which means a new template should be launched tomorrow!
4. There will be more widgets.
5. I might start using Facebook, Instagram, Skype and YouTube. So there will be mroe to come soon!
So what other items would you like to see come to the stores of Jamaa? What rare are you expecting for tomorrow? Have you ever won diamonds on the daily spin? Feel free to comment what's on your mind I am looking forward to reading it!
 Happy Jamming!


    Haha JK XD Defenetly Imagin Dragons: Monster :)



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