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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sunken Peck Tiki Statue and Creative Wednesdays

Hey jammers!
I'm so sorry for this little late post! To pay up, I have added a new special day, Creative Wednesday! On each Wednesday I'll post a jammer with a really good idea with den decorating and put it up here for all Jammrs to see. Anywho, today we have another tiki statue for our Sunken Tiki Statues collection, the Peck Tiki Statue sold at Sunken Treasures for 500 gems!
That looks adorable! She seems a bit annoyed if I may say. So now all we need a Greely Sunken Tiki Statue and we will have a FULL collection of these main alphas ( I hope they will release the other alphas like Cornelius, Ruby, Siggurd, etc. because they look like they are nothing to the game) Moving on, the first ever Creative Wednesday! This week's winner is Goldcobra with her amazing Sauna!
What will you need to make one of your own:
Patch of Fog: You can get as much as you want, you could get them at the Spooky Party, you'll be able to catch them this year! Striped or Plaid couches: Once again, as much as you want it depends on how big will the Sauna be. You can get the couches at Jam Mart Furniture. Plaid couches for 150 gems each while striped couches 200 gems. Lastly, Steaming rocks: once again, you can buy as much as you like. You can get them at the Pet Store, Appondale. Did you like today's item? Are you looking forward for more? What about the new special day? Did you like it? Feel free to comment what you think Happy Jamming!


  1. i have a creative little den trick:
    you don't need to add credit but if you want to :P


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