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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sunken Greely Tiki Statue and AJ Dating

Hey Jammers!
So sorry for this late post, have been working a big project (I might post a picture once it's done) all day long. Anywho, today we have an item that complete our Sunken Alpha Tiki Statue collection! The Sunken Greely Tiki Statue, sold at the Sunken Treasures for 500 gems.
I really love how AJHQ designs these so derpy and adorable looking! He looks so happy lol :3 Now, we all know a HUGE AJ problem, Dating. What AJ dating is, it's basically 2 people who don't know each other just start ''liking'' each other, we see a lot of Jammers saying these phrases every day:
In my opinion, this AJ dating thing is getting out of control and is quite dangerous and besides, AJ was made for exploring, making new friends and playing games, NOT dating. There are a LOT of little kids playing this game so it's important we stop AJ dating. AJHQ should really take action for this to solve. What other items would you like to see in the stores of Jamaa? What about the dating, did you see Jammers doing that? Did you ever do that? Feel free to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!


  1. the greely statue smiles lol

  2. this "dating" in animal jam is the fact that animals mate in spring. they need to do something.
    P.S: i am cheeselover12345
    my google account got hacked

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