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Monday, 5 May 2014

Rare Sunglasses and UCI?

Hey Jammers!
I'm so sorry for this late post, been working all day! Anywho today we have a Monday and with that we have a Rare Monday Item! The Rare Sunglasses!
These look so cool and nice! These go well with a cool Summer Look! These are located on the 7th page of Jam Mart Clothing and cost 650 gems (quite reasonable). Now, UCI. You might be like: wow, what's that? It's actually just a short name for Unreleased color items! There have been Black mech helemts, Green gazelle horns and more popping up out of no where and EVERYWHERE! People have been getting strange colored versions of these remaining betas: Gazelle Horns and Mech Angel Helmet.How? How are they doing that? Are they hacking into Best Dressed? Is AJHQ giving them for no reason? What's going on!? What about the rare, did you like it? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!
PS: I'm so sorry for this short post!


  1. I heard that some people lied to AJHQ so they can get the items. If the items were earned in any illegal way or broke the rules, justice will be served soon.

  2. Are they the only sort of rare sunglasses you can get? Are their others, aviators, raybans? I'm new to this!


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