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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pogo sticks and scamming

Hey Jammers!
Today I have 1 important addition to this post it's about scamming, I'll tell about it late but first the New item, Pogo stick sold at Jam Mart Furniture for only 350 gems.
This item is so awesome! And it's in the summer mood, I really like the vine wrapped one so much! And I like how it's natural and not humanish :3 Now the important addition about scamming. Not that long ago today (about 30 minutes ago) I got scammed and really badly. The scammer's name was liquidgoo (look out and be careful.around him) So this is what happened: I followed my friend RainbowCat1 to liquidgoo's den. He was doing a giveaway of some sort. People were trading their best items to get a Rare long Red Spiked collar. I thought it might be a good item for a giveaway so I traded liquidgoo my 4 most hard worked for items. He declined at first but then he said to trade our final trades. So I traded him again. The Spiraly Arrow which meant, he accepted. At first I was really sad but now I'm really happy he took those items, I felt like I didn't deserve them and that I was starting to become that ''rare'' greedy person thing, along with that, I am SO sorry to all my buddies who noticed me acting like that, I trully am, I just got so happy with the items, I felt so proud of myself, a bit TOO proud in fact and I got a bit carried away. But I wasn't the only one he scammed, he scammed RainbowCat1 and some other strangers that are now my buddies. This is all I want to say to him: ''Be happy for now, but I hope you will never get that feeling for when you get an item you worked so hard for and when you feel proud of yourself.'' That's all for now. What other items would you like to come out? Have you ever been scammed? Feel free to share your oppinion and leave a comment, Happy Jamming!


  1. I hope his soul rots with guilt. :I

  2. @pink200330, the problem is jammers who scam (wait they don't deserve to be called jammers) DON'T feel guilty, and even tend to do it again and again.
    I have been scammed multiple times and I have a blog that is like a charity on animal jam, for people who have been scammed or hacked, I do giveaways.
    It makes me feel better about the items I lost, maybe you should do the same?

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  4. This is fun, and I can see people wanting to get the milk just cause it's catchy and silly. If you are looking for Pogo Help, You can reach for POGO support


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