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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pillbox Hat and Connecting Buddies to Den Portals

Hey Jammers!
So sorry for this late post, I will add a little guide on how to link your buddies to the Den Portals! But first, today's new item, quite neat and interesting, The Pillbox Hat! Sold for 500 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!
This looks quite neat. Yet, a bit furstrating. Now, the guide for connecting buddies to your Den Portals!
So first, what you might want to do, is go get yourself a Den Portal at the Den Portal Shop in the Lost Temple of Zios and place it in your den (Anywhere)
Once you have done that, scroll your mouse over to the portal itself and look for that little chain icon. It is a bit lower than the Switch Side button. Click on it.
After you have done that, a board will show up. So just scroll down and find the buddy you want to connect your prtal with and check it. Once you've done that, your portal will be connected to your friend's den! I hope this helped, since I saw a LOT of people asking how to do this. What other items would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaaa? What about the guide did it help you? Feel free to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!


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