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Friday, 23 May 2014

Patched Hat + A bunch of New Stuff + Sorry + a Party + 2 New Pages and more!

Hiya Jammers!
I am SO sorry for all these skipped days of posting! I've been REALLY busy with School, AJ and other stuff. I have some news that will pay those days up. But first, The Jamaa Journal that came out on Thursday
First page, from the looks of ''In This Issue'' this is gonna be one EPIC Jamaa Journal! This Update's main focus is the new Eagle adventure ''The Forgotten Desert''. That Adventure is amazing! So far I went 80+ times there with my friends and so far got some FABULOUS prizes! You can win: Betas, Unreleased colors of beta and rare items, unreleased items, Monthly gifts and more! JUST IN ONE ADVENTURE, how neat is that! And all you have to do is collect crystal shards around the desert. Moving on!
On the next page we have news about out little adorable flying fellars, The Hummingbirds returning to the diamond shop and a sneak peek/video from the AJHQ announcing that the new animal WILL be a Hyena! That video is just adorable! I can't wait for them to come out. Fingers crossed they will be gem animals :3
 You can but the Hummingbird pet in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds! Sadly, it's for members only. Moving on!
On the 3rd page we have news about the epic new Den Portals! A fun new way to connect with your buddies' dens! I personally LOVE this idea! Speaking of which, I'm gonna reboot tribing. Along with that, there will be a special page for it brand new tribes for each symbol and more! You can find these epic items in the Lost Temple Of Zios.
 The Shop is East from the entrance of Temple Of Knowledge for those who can't find it.
These portals are just amazing looking. Sadly, none for for all jammers. But maybe ones for all Jammers will come out? The future will tell! Anywho, you can buy all stone portals for 1500 gems. While the Wooden ones cost 1000 gems each! I prefer the stone ones for a weird reason.
On the 4th page we have news that the Jamaa's own Summer Carnival is returning soon with new games and new prizes! So practise your skills and prepare to enjoy it for the WHOLE summer! On the right side we have news that every item in the Shiveer Shoppe is 50% off! 
So pretty much, each item there is half off! I like this, since some of the items are quite expensive.
And now the last page of this update's Jamaa Journal includes news about the NEW Daily Explorer! Click here to view and enjoy the newly designed daily explorer! This one is better than the old one in my opinion, since now both Alphas and the AJHQ write in there! Be sure to check it out! Here is the new item for today, the Patched hat!
This item is just Adorable in my opinion and it is for ALL Jammers to enjoy! This item is located at Jam Mart Clothing and costs 350 gems. These might go quite well with the Woven shoes :3 Anywho the last parts, Later today or even tomorrow I will add 2 brand NEW pages to the Animal Jam Hail. The 1st one will be about the tribes, and the 2nd one will include Contests and what's new there. News: I'm gonna do a contest for a Rare Long Orange Spiked Collar, so stay tuned! Lastly, I'm gonna have a 5000 views party! I will post the details later! What other items would you like to come out? Do you like this update? What about the den portals did they come in handy at some point? Be sure to leave a comment on what's on your mind. I'm looking forward to reading it, Happy Jamming!


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