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Thursday, 1 May 2014

News, items, mysteries and more!

Hello Jammers!
I am SO sorry for this HUGE delay of posts! I will try to pay it up somehow, I've been really busy with school and a other stuff. Anywho today we have an update from the AJHQ! Let's start off with the Jamaa Journal!
The first page introduces us to the new pets that have came to the diamond shop, the long awaited Cheetah pets! They're so cute and really fast, they will appear to the Diamond shop and as soon as you know, they will be gone! But don't worry, you will still be able to get them when they are there :3 In fact they are sold in the Diamond shop RIGHT now, and will be there for 2 more days so be sure to get one.
Moving on to the next page, we have a puzzle about the new animal and a coming soon article! I think the coming soon article means that adventures for eagles are coming, how neat, I can't wait! I solved the puzzle and I got that canine shaped drawing, I did a bit of painting on it and walah!
It looks a lot like a hyena! (sorry, my drawing skills aren't really good) The stance looks a bit like a Hyena too.
The 3rd page tells us about the returning Water Park den and the returning Heatwave party! I am totally getting that den and going to that party!
The last page has some news about the new adjustments to Settings. Now Jammers can go to different servers without refreshing! (finally!) And can now know how many people are in their den with the NEW Doorbell! I made a small party to test it out and it works great, you get a little number on the den button thingie
that looks pretty neat, here's how it looks on the settings
I realyl like this adjustemnt but I would like it mroe if we could change the tone :3
and this is how the change server thingie looks, just click the blue button to open a list of servers to choose from! And lastly the new items!
A big tiki Alpha collection sunken deep in the Sunken Treasures, Cani Cove, and may I say, these are just ADORABLE! A little typo with Cosmo, he is called Costmo underwater, I think he costs more. You can buy each for 500 gems!
You can also buy a golden trident, and yay, it's for All Jammers! It is as well located at the Sunken Treasures and costs 350 gems!
A full page of BRAND new, never seen items in Jam Mart Furniture! You can buy a dirtbike for 550 gems, a (remodled?) porch swing for 500 gems, a bicycle for 400 gems and a bunch of shelves for different prices!
Next, 2 new adorable items in Jam Mart Clothing, the Winged shoes and the Sparkly head bow! You can buy the shoes for 500 gems while the bow costs 450 gems!
And lastly (with the items), a new month means a new birthstone! The Emerald birthstone! You can get this are Epic Wonders, furniture orb and add it to your collection :3 Lastly, a Friday Mystery!
You all might have seen this cave in the Adventure Base Camp, but where does it lead? What's hidden in it?
I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas! Did you like today's update? What about the items did they appeal you? Be sure to leave a comment, Happy Jamming!


  1. Ooh, now you can roleplay Lion King. xD

  2. That hyena looks like a hyena from my most favorite XBox game in the world.. VIVA PINATA :D

  3. Im going to say the most awesome, emotional, cool word in the world. It will blow your mind, it will rule you...............................................................................................................................DERP!


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