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Friday, 30 May 2014

Camoflouge Jacket and The Update!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this delay of posts and this unpleased posting time! Been really busy and stressed lately. Anywho, today we have just an ADORABLE item! It's a bit late but we can overwrite history. At least it's out :3 The Camouflouge Jacket!
It looks just ADORABLE! I love how there are different shades of the color used on 1 item. This reminds me of the Dye Shirt just in Jacket form. This epic item is sold in Jam Mart Clothing so be sure to grab one of your own's! Next comes the update with some cool and sad adds to Jamaa.
 The first page already putting on a sad mood! The bright part of this is, that Hyenas are here, but the dark part is they are diamond animals! Yes, these adorable yet derpy animals are in the diamond shop and can be bought for 10 diamonds! ( I heard there was a glitch on the day of update where Jammers could buy them for gems! Crazy, right?)
When I'll get 10 diamonds I will definetly buy this little canine! Moving on...
The next page tells us about the AJ Jump sale! Now AJ Jump can be bought with a dollar off! How neat!
The third page tells us about the Summer Carnival returning yet with one annoying thing! You can no longer find it in the party list. Now, you have to look for these banners around Jamaa to get in there.
The Carnival itself hasn't changed at all same prizes, same games and same level of fun :3 Just one small adjustment, now all prizes are half off without a Sale! So now you can get your favorite items more easily!
On the 4th page, we have news about the Cruise Ship Part returning to the Party List and about the Bahari Bergains sale! How Neat :3 Have you noticed, that now almost each update brings us a sale? I certainly can't wait for an animal sale! 
On the 5th page, we have news about the new Ocean and Diamond Shop portals!
IDK why, but for some people, these portals fon't look attractive. I think they are quite cool. Just a bit too small! Each costs 1 Diamond. And if you re-click it, it will change color :3
And the Ocean portals, they are just the sae size as the Diamond Shop Portal, the only difference is that it can be used in the oceans. Each cost 1000 gems and are sold in Sunken Treasures!
The Last page tells us about the Phoenix Armor Set soon leaving the Diamond Store. Yet, a new armor soon to be coming? It seems that it is the ol' Spirit Armor! But look, there's something on the tail too! Will there be more pieces of the Spirit Armor? What about the update, did you like it? Did you like today's item? Do you want there to be more camoflouge items? Feel free to leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!


  1. Okay, okay. Personally, I think camoflouge is a bit odd considering we're all animals. Like, some animals have fur that helps them blend in with their surroundings. But this just... defies nature..


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