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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Woven Hat and Upcoming Changes!

Hiya Jammers!
Once again, so sorry for this time delayed post! Anyways, today we have just an item PERFECT for Summer! The Woven Hat, sold at Jam Mart Clothing :3
I think this item goes just epicly with the Woven Shoes! Sure, it would have been nice if it was for all Jammers, though. I like the wittle Butterfly detail :3 Also great news, I scored 3 diamonds today in the daily spin!
I started eeping and hopping around. Now I am only 1 diamond short to buying a new Diamond Shop animal :3 Lastly we have the upcoming changes! 
1. I will be adding more polls (will try to make them daily).
2. There will be music soon (You will get to choose the artist and the songs).
3. A new Season, which means a new template should be launched tomorrow!
4. There will be more widgets.
5. I might start using Facebook, Instagram, Skype and YouTube. So there will be mroe to come soon!
So what other items would you like to see come to the stores of Jamaa? What rare are you expecting for tomorrow? Have you ever won diamonds on the daily spin? Feel free to comment what's on your mind I am looking forward to reading it!
 Happy Jamming!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Camoflouge Jacket and The Update!

Hiya Jammers!
So sorry for this delay of posts and this unpleased posting time! Been really busy and stressed lately. Anywho, today we have just an ADORABLE item! It's a bit late but we can overwrite history. At least it's out :3 The Camouflouge Jacket!
It looks just ADORABLE! I love how there are different shades of the color used on 1 item. This reminds me of the Dye Shirt just in Jacket form. This epic item is sold in Jam Mart Clothing so be sure to grab one of your own's! Next comes the update with some cool and sad adds to Jamaa.
 The first page already putting on a sad mood! The bright part of this is, that Hyenas are here, but the dark part is they are diamond animals! Yes, these adorable yet derpy animals are in the diamond shop and can be bought for 10 diamonds! ( I heard there was a glitch on the day of update where Jammers could buy them for gems! Crazy, right?)
When I'll get 10 diamonds I will definetly buy this little canine! Moving on...
The next page tells us about the AJ Jump sale! Now AJ Jump can be bought with a dollar off! How neat!
The third page tells us about the Summer Carnival returning yet with one annoying thing! You can no longer find it in the party list. Now, you have to look for these banners around Jamaa to get in there.
The Carnival itself hasn't changed at all same prizes, same games and same level of fun :3 Just one small adjustment, now all prizes are half off without a Sale! So now you can get your favorite items more easily!
On the 4th page, we have news about the Cruise Ship Part returning to the Party List and about the Bahari Bergains sale! How Neat :3 Have you noticed, that now almost each update brings us a sale? I certainly can't wait for an animal sale! 
On the 5th page, we have news about the new Ocean and Diamond Shop portals!
IDK why, but for some people, these portals fon't look attractive. I think they are quite cool. Just a bit too small! Each costs 1 Diamond. And if you re-click it, it will change color :3
And the Ocean portals, they are just the sae size as the Diamond Shop Portal, the only difference is that it can be used in the oceans. Each cost 1000 gems and are sold in Sunken Treasures!
The Last page tells us about the Phoenix Armor Set soon leaving the Diamond Store. Yet, a new armor soon to be coming? It seems that it is the ol' Spirit Armor! But look, there's something on the tail too! Will there be more pieces of the Spirit Armor? What about the update, did you like it? Did you like today's item? Do you want there to be more camoflouge items? Feel free to leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Flower Rugs and Contest!

Hiya Jammers!
Today I will add the NEW contest on the Contest page of AJH. But first, let's get on to the items. These items are jsut Adorable in my opinion. The Daisy and Butercup flower rugs sold in Jam Mart Furniture :3
Aww, these are just ADORABLE, I wish the daisy one was for all Jammers though. And the colors for all these items are just breath-taking! So pretty and bright! Just remember members, if you have a non-member buddy who wants a different colored rug, don't forget to buy them it. I know it might take away some gems, but you can easily collect them back. Also, don't forget, today is the LAST day when the shiveer shoppe's items are half off, don't forget to grab your favorite winter gear! What other items would you like to see next come to the stores of Jamaa? What are you expecting for tomorrow's update? What would you like to see come out? Feel free to leave a comment below, Happy Jamming!
PS: I'm gonna add the new contest in around 10 minutes from now!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Rare Multicolored Moustache and a Surprise!

Hiya Jammers!
Once again, so sorry for this late post, I've been really busy lately! Anywho today we have Monday, and we ALL know what it means, The Rare Item Monday! And I am quite surprised with this rare item! Today's rare is the Rare Multicolored Moustache, which is sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 950 gems (quite pricey) and on the 3rd page!
This looks so nice! I love it how it is so lazily painted blue! I am definetly gonna buy this item. Along with that, I have a little surprise for you all! You remember my update post? I mentioned of doing a contest for a Rare Spiked Orange Collar! Yes, it will finally come true! I will post the details on the all brand new Contests page tomorrow. What other items would you like to see come out? Did you like today's post? Feel free and leave a comment on what you think, Happy Jamming!
PS: Sorry for this short post, not much time.
PPS: I will abcent from June 9th to 12th! Going on a fieldtrip :3

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lily Rug

Hey Jammers!
So sorry for this late post! Anywho, today we have a neat item that brings us 1 step closer to Summer! The Lily Rug, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems!
I just LOVE this item! Especially the colors with a double layer of petals, so pretty :3 SO sorry for this short post, have nothing to post about, really! So what other items would you like to see come to the stores of Jamaa? What rare are you expecting tomorrow? Be sure to comment what you think and add some ideas on what I should post about, Happy Jamming!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pillbox Hat and Connecting Buddies to Den Portals

Hey Jammers!
So sorry for this late post, I will add a little guide on how to link your buddies to the Den Portals! But first, today's new item, quite neat and interesting, The Pillbox Hat! Sold for 500 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!
This looks quite neat. Yet, a bit furstrating. Now, the guide for connecting buddies to your Den Portals!
So first, what you might want to do, is go get yourself a Den Portal at the Den Portal Shop in the Lost Temple of Zios and place it in your den (Anywhere)
Once you have done that, scroll your mouse over to the portal itself and look for that little chain icon. It is a bit lower than the Switch Side button. Click on it.
After you have done that, a board will show up. So just scroll down and find the buddy you want to connect your prtal with and check it. Once you've done that, your portal will be connected to your friend's den! I hope this helped, since I saw a LOT of people asking how to do this. What other items would you like to see next in the stores of Jamaaa? What about the guide did it help you? Feel free to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Art Request complete for Jzale314

Hiya Jammers!
I have finished up the Art Request for Jzale314!
I'm so sorry if this is not what you were expecting. I hope you enjoy it though!
 Happy Jamming!
PS: I'm not good at drawing eyes do I just drew them closed :3

Patched Hat + A bunch of New Stuff + Sorry + a Party + 2 New Pages and more!

Hiya Jammers!
I am SO sorry for all these skipped days of posting! I've been REALLY busy with School, AJ and other stuff. I have some news that will pay those days up. But first, The Jamaa Journal that came out on Thursday
First page, from the looks of ''In This Issue'' this is gonna be one EPIC Jamaa Journal! This Update's main focus is the new Eagle adventure ''The Forgotten Desert''. That Adventure is amazing! So far I went 80+ times there with my friends and so far got some FABULOUS prizes! You can win: Betas, Unreleased colors of beta and rare items, unreleased items, Monthly gifts and more! JUST IN ONE ADVENTURE, how neat is that! And all you have to do is collect crystal shards around the desert. Moving on!
On the next page we have news about out little adorable flying fellars, The Hummingbirds returning to the diamond shop and a sneak peek/video from the AJHQ announcing that the new animal WILL be a Hyena! That video is just adorable! I can't wait for them to come out. Fingers crossed they will be gem animals :3
 You can but the Hummingbird pet in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds! Sadly, it's for members only. Moving on!
On the 3rd page we have news about the epic new Den Portals! A fun new way to connect with your buddies' dens! I personally LOVE this idea! Speaking of which, I'm gonna reboot tribing. Along with that, there will be a special page for it brand new tribes for each symbol and more! You can find these epic items in the Lost Temple Of Zios.
 The Shop is East from the entrance of Temple Of Knowledge for those who can't find it.
These portals are just amazing looking. Sadly, none for for all jammers. But maybe ones for all Jammers will come out? The future will tell! Anywho, you can buy all stone portals for 1500 gems. While the Wooden ones cost 1000 gems each! I prefer the stone ones for a weird reason.
On the 4th page we have news that the Jamaa's own Summer Carnival is returning soon with new games and new prizes! So practise your skills and prepare to enjoy it for the WHOLE summer! On the right side we have news that every item in the Shiveer Shoppe is 50% off! 
So pretty much, each item there is half off! I like this, since some of the items are quite expensive.
And now the last page of this update's Jamaa Journal includes news about the NEW Daily Explorer! Click here to view and enjoy the newly designed daily explorer! This one is better than the old one in my opinion, since now both Alphas and the AJHQ write in there! Be sure to check it out! Here is the new item for today, the Patched hat!
This item is just Adorable in my opinion and it is for ALL Jammers to enjoy! This item is located at Jam Mart Clothing and costs 350 gems. These might go quite well with the Woven shoes :3 Anywho the last parts, Later today or even tomorrow I will add 2 brand NEW pages to the Animal Jam Hail. The 1st one will be about the tribes, and the 2nd one will include Contests and what's new there. News: I'm gonna do a contest for a Rare Long Orange Spiked Collar, so stay tuned! Lastly, I'm gonna have a 5000 views party! I will post the details later! What other items would you like to come out? Do you like this update? What about the den portals did they come in handy at some point? Be sure to leave a comment on what's on your mind. I'm looking forward to reading it, Happy Jamming!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Grass Couch + Art Commissions

Hey Jammers!
Today we have another item appearing in with the grass theme! The Grass couch sold at Treetop Gardens for 500 gems! (There should be more item appearing in the abandoned stores like Treetop Gardens, Claws 'n paws, Mystery Emporium and etc. don't ye think?
This is so nice and fuzzy looking and as the Chair one, it has a flowery color too :3 What other items would you like to come out or return? Do you liek this grass furniture thing? Be sure to leave a comment on what you think, Happy Jamming!

Project 100% complete!

Hey Jammers!
You know that silly project I was talking about in some of my posts? Well it is now COMPLETE! I was smart enaugh to figure out how to get the picture here so everyone could see. I'm not really picaso and this is what I could do doing my best, lol.
I hope you like it. Happy Jamming!
PS: New Item post coming up soon! 
PPS: That white thing in the background is water :3

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bowler hats

Hey Jammers!
Today we have quite a fancy item rolling to the stores of Jamaa! The Bowler hat, being sold at Jam Mart Clothing for 550 gems!
This is quite a neat, yet round item. I'm not much of a hat person so I won't be buying these any time soon :3 So sorry for this short post, still working on that little project. I am almost at the end I'll definetly share some pictures of it once it's done. What other items would you like to come out next? Do you want them to be humanish or natural? Be sure to leave a comment to tell us what's on your mind Happy Jamming!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Grass chair

Hey Jammers!
Today we have an awesome nature-themed items in the stores of Jamaa (I just LOVE this item!). The Grass chair sold at Treetop Gardens, Sarepia Forest and costs only 450 gems!
 In my opinion this item is EPIC, but sadly, it's for members only. I really like it's second form, so full of bloomed flowers! In other news, I'm working on a big project! Once it's done I'll take a picture of it and post it on here! What other items do you want to come out? Do you think AJ is getting to a summery mood? If yes what items do you expect next? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!
PS: I am so sorry this post is so short, I actually have nothing much to post about, really.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sunken Greely Tiki Statue and AJ Dating

Hey Jammers!
So sorry for this late post, have been working a big project (I might post a picture once it's done) all day long. Anywho, today we have an item that complete our Sunken Alpha Tiki Statue collection! The Sunken Greely Tiki Statue, sold at the Sunken Treasures for 500 gems.
I really love how AJHQ designs these so derpy and adorable looking! He looks so happy lol :3 Now, we all know a HUGE AJ problem, Dating. What AJ dating is, it's basically 2 people who don't know each other just start ''liking'' each other, we see a lot of Jammers saying these phrases every day:
In my opinion, this AJ dating thing is getting out of control and is quite dangerous and besides, AJ was made for exploring, making new friends and playing games, NOT dating. There are a LOT of little kids playing this game so it's important we stop AJ dating. AJHQ should really take action for this to solve. What other items would you like to see in the stores of Jamaa? What about the dating, did you see Jammers doing that? Did you ever do that? Feel free to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pogo sticks and scamming

Hey Jammers!
Today I have 1 important addition to this post it's about scamming, I'll tell about it late but first the New item, Pogo stick sold at Jam Mart Furniture for only 350 gems.
This item is so awesome! And it's in the summer mood, I really like the vine wrapped one so much! And I like how it's natural and not humanish :3 Now the important addition about scamming. Not that long ago today (about 30 minutes ago) I got scammed and really badly. The scammer's name was liquidgoo (look out and be careful.around him) So this is what happened: I followed my friend RainbowCat1 to liquidgoo's den. He was doing a giveaway of some sort. People were trading their best items to get a Rare long Red Spiked collar. I thought it might be a good item for a giveaway so I traded liquidgoo my 4 most hard worked for items. He declined at first but then he said to trade our final trades. So I traded him again. The Spiraly Arrow which meant, he accepted. At first I was really sad but now I'm really happy he took those items, I felt like I didn't deserve them and that I was starting to become that ''rare'' greedy person thing, along with that, I am SO sorry to all my buddies who noticed me acting like that, I trully am, I just got so happy with the items, I felt so proud of myself, a bit TOO proud in fact and I got a bit carried away. But I wasn't the only one he scammed, he scammed RainbowCat1 and some other strangers that are now my buddies. This is all I want to say to him: ''Be happy for now, but I hope you will never get that feeling for when you get an item you worked so hard for and when you feel proud of yourself.'' That's all for now. What other items would you like to come out? Have you ever been scammed? Feel free to share your oppinion and leave a comment, Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sunken Peck Tiki Statue and Creative Wednesdays

Hey jammers!
I'm so sorry for this little late post! To pay up, I have added a new special day, Creative Wednesday! On each Wednesday I'll post a jammer with a really good idea with den decorating and put it up here for all Jammrs to see. Anywho, today we have another tiki statue for our Sunken Tiki Statues collection, the Peck Tiki Statue sold at Sunken Treasures for 500 gems!
That looks adorable! She seems a bit annoyed if I may say. So now all we need a Greely Sunken Tiki Statue and we will have a FULL collection of these main alphas ( I hope they will release the other alphas like Cornelius, Ruby, Siggurd, etc. because they look like they are nothing to the game) Moving on, the first ever Creative Wednesday! This week's winner is Goldcobra with her amazing Sauna!
What will you need to make one of your own:
Patch of Fog: You can get as much as you want, you could get them at the Spooky Party, you'll be able to catch them this year! Striped or Plaid couches: Once again, as much as you want it depends on how big will the Sauna be. You can get the couches at Jam Mart Furniture. Plaid couches for 150 gems each while striped couches 200 gems. Lastly, Steaming rocks: once again, you can buy as much as you like. You can get them at the Pet Store, Appondale. Did you like today's item? Are you looking forward for more? What about the new special day? Did you like it? Feel free to comment what you think Happy Jamming!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Rare Sunglasses and UCI?

Hey Jammers!
I'm so sorry for this late post, been working all day! Anywho today we have a Monday and with that we have a Rare Monday Item! The Rare Sunglasses!
These look so cool and nice! These go well with a cool Summer Look! These are located on the 7th page of Jam Mart Clothing and cost 650 gems (quite reasonable). Now, UCI. You might be like: wow, what's that? It's actually just a short name for Unreleased color items! There have been Black mech helemts, Green gazelle horns and more popping up out of no where and EVERYWHERE! People have been getting strange colored versions of these remaining betas: Gazelle Horns and Mech Angel Helmet.How? How are they doing that? Are they hacking into Best Dressed? Is AJHQ giving them for no reason? What's going on!? What about the rare, did you like it? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!
PS: I'm so sorry for this short post!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shutter Glasses

Hey Jammers!
Today we have quite a modern and humanish item from the AJHQ in the stores of Jamaa, The Shutter Glasses. I find these a bit strange.
They are for members, sadly, there should be more items for All Jammers to enjoy! These are sold at Jam Mart Clothing and cost 400 gems. These come in quite awesome colors. While exploring Jamaa, I've noticed these 2 funny glitches.
This first one happened yesterday at The Heatwave Party, a dolphin just appeared from no where! I wonder how he got in there :3
And this one happened just now. If you open the store exactly the same time the items get released, this board comes up. I opened it up at 10:00pm. Be careful though, this board isn't exitable so you might have to refresh. What other items would you like to come out? Would you like them to be for All Jammers? Have you encountered these strange glitches? Be sure to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!

Zios Rug and my 1st contest! (Update)

Hey Jammers!
Today we have an epic item sold at Epic Wonders Furniture Orb the Zios Rug!
This looks amazing! It sparkles, it's shiny and so cool, I'll definetly get this once I save up enaugh gems (I spent the last 4K gems on the Water park den, lol) Anywho, I'm having a small contest! A small ART contest actually, what will you have to do:
1.Design the item given
2. Find the hidden objects around Jamaa
So, for the 1st thing, I'm giving free Spiked Collar linearts and you'll have to just color them in!
 You can either just copy paste to Paint, or download it by right clicking it, you can get 2 extra points on the scavenger hunt. (You don't have to color it in, only if you want some extra points, if you do, send them into or post it on your blog.) And for the hunt, you'll have to find these 8 hidden objects around Jamaa!
That's all, whoever finds these all and colors the linearts in get's a free spirit helmet I'll send it if the winner is member if the winner is not a member, I'll simply trade them the prize. I'm sorry the prize isn't a huge rare but let's start slow. The person with the BEST Spike color in wins a free extra prize a Rare Top Hat! What other items would you like to see next? Would you like them to be returning or a brand NEW item? Be sure to comment what you think and enter the contest, Happy Jamming!