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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Zany, Silly and Wacky items + Diamond Birthstone!

Hello Jammers!
Happy April Fools Day ^.^ Anywho, today we have 4 returning awesome items to the stores of Jamaa! 1 in Epic Wonders and 3 in Jam Mart Furniture! The 1st one is surprise oh surprise a bithstone! The April Birthstone is the Diamond birthstone!
What kind of begining of a new month without a returning Birthstone? These neat items are located at the Epic Wonders Blue Orb and cost 1500 gems so be sure to grab one before this month ends! In other news, 3 returning items in Jam Mart Furniture!
The Silly, Zany and Wasky items are back! These appear invisible both in the stores and your inventory slots but they are really epic when you put them in your den ^.^ These cost 500 gems each so be sure to grab a few! ^.^ While over at the DE a little new Jammer Art in the theme: April Fools!
How neat! These drawings are really cool! This article includes cool facts and a sldieshow of awesome drawings drewn by Jammers! Be sure to check it out! What is your favorite birthstone, why? What other items would you like to come out/return? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jaming!


  1. Umm where are the items?? Its not in the shpos anymore.

  2. no more posts?


  3. should be here when it's finished and uploaded!:

    i'll let you know when it is uwu


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