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Monday, 7 April 2014

Update, Rare Big Bow and more!

Hello Jammers!
I am SO SO SO sorry I haven't been posting for the past 6 days! I've been really sick and busy with school, I hope you understand! Anywho, we have quite a lot to post about! Let's start off with the new update's journal!
1st page and already awesome! Eagle pets have flew to Jamaa! How Neat ^.^ You can get these awesome critters in the Diamond Shop, pets section for 3 diamonds! (PS: Animal and Pet Sections are now seperate!)
Such cute little guys! Now you won't have to fly solo with your Eagle! :3 
Moving on to the next page we have news about the NEW Mystical armor appearing in the Diamond shop and the Spring Egg Hunt (not sure why it's not called Easter Egg hunt)
This Mystical Armor set is trulyl amazing and it coems in 5 seperate parts and in total cost 9 diamonds (quite pricey!) This armor's effect: Sparkling!
On the next page we have news about the NEW den landing into the Diamond Shop! (quite a lot has come to the Diamond Shop on this update!) The Sol Arcade den and news abotu Giraffes returning after their REALLY LONG travels!
These dens are the EXACT same copy of the Sol Arcade, just empty at the first place! It's a really epic den, so be sure to get it once you have 5 diamonds!
On the 4th page we have a reminder about April Fools party and NEWS about how all Jammers now have 20 den slots, that is Awesome!
And on the last page we have news about the National Geographic Bee! No, don't worry it won't sting! To celebrate this event you can play Temple of Trivia, test your knowledge and get 2x gems on the way to the top! Now, the new items ^.^
This is the Patched Rug, quite awesome if you ask me! This item is sold at the Kimbara Imports and costs 350 gems, so be sure to grab one :3
These items are located at Jam Mart Furniture. These look AWESOME! The Picket Fence (left) costs 200 gems, while the Surfboard (right) costs 500 gems!
This is the Tutu, it is located at Jam Mart Clothing and costs 350 gems, quite a ballet-ish item :3
These Sir. Gillbert nesting dolls are ADORABLE! Sadly, member! You can pick these up at the Furniture Orb, Epic wonders ^.^ Speaking of Nestign dolls, sad news for non members :(
This is horrible! Another item once for all Jammers now is for Members only! This is now the second item being turned for members only :(
And this last item is today's Rare! The Rare Big Blue Bow, lcoated at Jam Mart Clothing's 12th page and it costs 600 gems, quite reasonable ^.^ While these days without posting went by, AJHQ posted a lot on the DE!
This first post is a Creature Feature on Seaguls! Be sure to check it out and read the awesome facts under the video!
This second post is a neat animated post/reminder about the April Fool's party! AJHQ realyl got into the animating! Be sure to check this post and that awesome party out!
This is the 3rd post published by the AJHQ and it includes awesome facts about Eaglets and a cute animation of the new pet Eagles!
This 4th post includes reminders on the new Den and Armor set coming to the Diamond Shop, be sure to check it out! It includes a cool animated picture and some reminders below it!
While this 5th post is another Creature Feature/ask Brady Barr.! It includes awesome facts about the Okapi and the answer from Brady Barr. to the question from Magical Bravedog! Be sure to check it out ^.^
And this last post includes news/a reminder about today's rare and some cool facts about blue bows/ribbons! Be sure to check it out! What other awesome items would you like to come out? Would you like more updates like this? Be sure to comment what you think and Happy Jamming ^.^
PS: I have finally activated my Youtube account/Channel and I was askign for advice on what videos should I do? Share your ideas below ^.^


  1. Easter relates to Christianity, and not everybody celebrates it or is a part of that religion, so it could cause a controversy.

    1. well i know this, but he may be Christian soo.......

  2. Get well soon! D,:


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