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Monday, 21 April 2014

Rare Pirate Beard and 100th post!

Hey Jammers!
Happy 2nd day of Easter to everyone who celebrates it! We finally have published 100 posts, how Awesome! Anywho, today we have a brand new rare for the Rare Item Monday! The Rare Pirate Beard!
This item is neat and can be bought for a reasonable price! This item is lcoated at the 8th page of Jam Mart Clothing and costs only 450 gems! What other rares would you like to see come back to the stores of Jamaa? Do you want them to be an original item or another store item jsut collored in rare colors? Why do you think AJHQ always hides the rares on RIM? Be sure to coment what you think, Happy Jamming!
PS: I'm so sorry for this sure post, I don't have much to post about, you can comment your ideas below!


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