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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Putting Green

Hello Jammers!
Today we have another sporty, golf-related item in the story of Jamaa! (AJHQ is really putting on a sport mood ^.^) The Putting Green ^.^
What a neat item! It's HUGE when put in dens, these neat items are sold in Jam Mart Furniture and cost 550 gems so be sure to grab one and place it in your den :3 While over at the DE, a new Jammer Snaps article from the AJHQ!
All of these snaps look AMAZING! Congratulations to all the winners :3 It also has the new assignment for the next News Crews! The Girrafes and why do you thin kthey should come back! What a neat questiong, AJHQ ^.^ In other news, the 45 gem necklace is now RARE!
Lol, not really, this is just an edited picture ^.^ You can easily prank your buddies using a simple item picture and this rare tag that I made:
Feel free to use it anytime! What other items would you like to come out? Would you like them to be returning or a brand new item? Have you noticed that AJHQ has been making more non-member items? What about the snaps did you like them? Do you want the Giraffes to come back? What about the rare tag will you use it to prank others? Be sure to comment what's on your mind Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. lol! look up klara salama, click on her trolling video, and watch it! i am da red bunny with black swirls and green yes, i changed my fur after da vid its on youtube

  2. I like the putting green but it could of been non member

    1. Agreed, there should be more items for all Jammers!


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