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Friday, 11 April 2014

Elegant table

Hello Jammers!
I'm so sorry for this unusual timing post, had to work a lot today ^.^ Anywho, today we have an awesome item coming to the stores of Jamaa! The Elegant Table!
Quite a nice item, yet I'm not planning on buying this item ^.^ This item's cost is quite reasonable, only 2000 gems! You can find this neat item in Epic Wonders, Furniture orb! While some Jammers have tea at the new Elegant table we move on to the DE! The AJHQ has posted a neat Creature Feature on Butterflies, how neat ^.^
What a neat article! I really like how the AJHQ uses a neat video and some facts to create a simple awesome post ^.^ And yay! Easter is coming up soon, this year it will be celebrated on 20th of April though trough the upcoming whole week, I won't be able to post. Maybe I will just it might not include pictures, because I will be using a different computer that I don't know how to make pictures with.I hope you have an amazing Easter ^.^ What other items would you like to come out, return? Would you like them to be member or for all? What about the article, did you know those facts about butterflies? Be sure to comment what's on your mind, Happy Jamming!

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