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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bicycle and Rare Leaf Necklace

Hello Jammers!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, didn't have the chance ^.^ Anywho, today we have a new rare and a cool item from yesterday, let's start from yesterday! The item was a bicycle ^.^
What a neat item if you ask me! We can't sit on it, though. How weird! This item is located at Jam Mart Furniture and costs 400 gems so be sure to get it! Today we have a new rare! A Rare leaf necklace!
 What a neat rare! It looks a bit like a freedom leaf necklace, I wish it was non-member though! These items are located at Jam Mart Clothing, 5th page and cost only 350 gems, so be sure to get one ^.^ Over at the DE we have 2 new articles from the AJHQ!
This article includes an experiment, Magic Ballon, be sure to check it out and try to do it on your own! Just be sure to ask a parent to help you if you need any.
This second article is from yesterday as well, it includes a reminder on the Egg Hunt! Be sure to check it out ^.^ What other items or rares would you like to come out?  Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. Hey; just a little bit of input here, I think you should post a little bit more interesting stuff, not just blurbs about the new items and Daily Explorer posts? Try posting about mysteries around Jamaa, or rants about scammers and things you don't like, it'll give your posts a bit more personality. The ^.^ face is getting a little overused too, there are lots of other fun faces besides that one, you know! I think jammers will want to view it more if there's interesting stuff on your posts. You can always look at other blogs for inspiration as well, but just don't plagiarize! If you add some things to your posts, give it a little personality and writing style so people recognize that it's YOU, I'm sure the views, comments, and followers will go up, and lots more jammers will come to see your blog, as long as you aren't ripping off of other blogs! I hope this helps. :)

    1. Thanks for telling me! I got bored from the ^.^ faces as well, I'm gonna change this blog a bit now x3


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