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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Search For Greely!

Hello Jammers!
I am SO SO SO sorry for all of these late posts, especially this one. I've been feeling horrible today so I had to rest for a bit, I'm sorry! Anywho, today we have an update from the AJHQ! Let's start with the newspaper!
This Jamaa Journal's main focus is the new adventure, The Seach For Greely! And may I say, being EPIC: having over 100+ phantoms, transformations, secrets, challenging levels, mysteries, double boss battles and more! it has it all! This is quite a challenging adventure so you might need to bring a few buddies!
On the 2nd page, we have news about Pandas being ENDAGERED amd knowledge about endangering. Click Panda banners all voer Jamaa to find out more about this threatning to the Wild!
On the 3rd page, we have news about the new videos that AJHQ has made! Quite neat may I say!
And on the last, 4th page we have news about the returning April Fools Party and NEW ITEMS! Those glasses and that shark fin looks promising ^.^ What kind of an updates come with no callendar?
Those are quite cool activities, AJHQ! And as well as the callendar, comes a 2X gems game, Pillbugs located in the Sarepia Forest!
Be sure to play this neat, addicting game and earn more gems while surfing trough the levels ^.^ Now, today's NEW item!
The Underwater Treasure! I see a few alpha stones in there :3 These are located in the Sunken Treasures, Kani Cove and cost 800 gems! (quite pricey) So be sure to grab a few if you'd like :3 As well with the update, we have an article from the AJHQ about the NEWEST adventure in Jamaa, the Search For Greely over at DE!
That art looks amazingly mysterious! I already went on that adventure a lot of tiems now, I don't really want to tell spoilers, play it and find out! Next, a few items on clearance!
Clover Tubes and all the lucky underwater items (except for the clover skirt) are leaving the ocean in 2 weeks so be sure to grab them!
This Jolly Snowman is as well on clearance, leaving with the old Wintery season!
And as well with the wintery season, the Ice Thrones are leaving Epic Wonders! Be sure to grab all of these epic items!
With the Ice Thrones also leaves the icy garden! Be sure to grab this one, to earn gems faster, play games with buddies, go on an adventure and play on your own! What did you think about this adventure? What should happen next with the Story line? Do you like that new item? What about the clearance do you like those items, will you get them? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!

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