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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Table with Orb

Hello Jammers!
AJ has been on mainenance for quite long... I still haven't log on today yet ^.^ What do you think is going on? Anywho, today we have a returning item to the stores of Jamaa! Just now, relocated! The Table with Orb! Being sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 350 gems!
This is quite a mystic and neat item if you ask me ^.^ I really like how it relaeses bolts when you click on the orb :3 While on the DE, NEWS about the AJ's maintenance from the AJHQ!
That picture looks neat! But what do they mean Room for Jammers? Will there be new servers or rooms? And LITTLE amintenance? This has gone now for 5 hours! I hope this get's fixed soon, if not it will be bad for me and some others since they'll loose their daily spin track and weekly diamond! What did you think of today's Item comeback? Do you want more items to come back? What about the maintenance, is it bugging you? Feel free to comment what you think Happy jamming!

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