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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Seahorses for all!

Hello Jammers!
Today we have an AMAZING update from the AJHQ! Let's start off with the newspaper ^.^
This is AWESOME! This update's main focus is the seahorse now being for ALL Jammers! A pretty neat surprise, AJHQ! It seems that now each update something will become for all Jammers cause this one is 3rd in the row!
On the second page, we have news about 2 new stores! The first one is in Coral Canyons, the top, on a little cliff. It is called ''Royal Ridge''. Sadly, only able to be reached with eagles, not really though ^.^
So... for a little while land animals will be able to access this neat store!
These are the items in it! Really beautiful! Sadly only one item is for all Jammers. I really like that window, lamp, carpet and royal passage thingy!
The other store is in the very deep blue! Yet, no new dens just the classic Lost Ruins and Sunken Ship den :3
Still neat that they got their own store!
On the next page we have news about our little fellars leaving to travel! But remember what we got last time animals went to travel? A new land! (the animals were Koala) I hope we get some surprises from this ^.^
On the 4th page we have a reminder about the Lucky Party and news about a NEW adventure! On the last adventure a lot of people though Greely died, but you know that AJHQ would never do any suicides in this kind of game! And from the sound of that article it sounds that Greely has changed... I wonder to good or bad? You can see the new adventure in the Map!
Well not really, the coming soon thingie :3
On the last page we have an article about the new pets that have arrived into Brady Barr's Lab and some news about the NEW lucky items. That tux looks promising...  Speaking of which we have a returning Lucky classic in the stores of Jamaa!
The Lucky Chair! These are really neat items! They are located at Jam Mart Furniture and cost only 250 gems so be sure to get these limited-time items ^.^
 We as well have a new Nesting doll in store! The Graham Nesting doll! This awesome item is located in Epic Wonders, Coral Canyons and costs 1000 gems and as well, it's for ALL Jammers!
On the other news. AJHQ has fixed the glove color glitch thingie! Now all gloves are normal on eagles.
What kind of update without a calender? You can view this in the Jammer Central, Jamaa Township!
If there's a calender then there will definetly be a Double Gem game! Pest Control will now be the Double Gem game until the next update!
Sad news about the river rave game, still isn't back in either Jamaa Township OR Sol Arcade! What could this mean? In other news, over at DE we have an article about today's BIG news from the AJHQ!
What a neat article, it contains a gif AND awesome facts that you may not know about seahorses! While exploring Jamaa, I noticed this funny color glitch in the animal switcher!
The Pricetag is green but the numbers are red, that doesn't go well together ^.^ Did you like today's update? What other Lucky item would you like to come out or return? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming! ^.^


  1. Suicide is one killing themself, but still, they probably wouldn't add deaths whatsoever. So much suspense in the coming soon thing...

    1. Oh, oopsie sorry! Have been mixing up so much lately :3

    2. It's fine!


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