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Monday, 24 March 2014

Rare Icy Shark Fin

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a BRAND new and may I say, quite a neat rare in the stores of Jamaa! The Rare Icy Shark Fin being sold on the 1st page of Jam Mart Clothing and it costs only 450 gems! (quite reasonable) And the good news are, it's for ALL JAMMERS!
This looks AWESOME! I mostly love how the fin's color is different then the waist belt thingie ^.^ it would go well with a brown animal and it looks like an ice spike is coming out of your back ^.^ While over at the DE we have an article about these neat rare items from the AJHQ!
oooh! That deer looks amazing! AJHQ started giving us outfit ideas with the RARES, quite neat AJHQ! And is it just me, or does that deer look like the shark bunny from Tunnel Town? Be sure to read this neat and fact-filled article! I have also noticed a funny clothing glitch with Elephants and Swords of any kind!
When Elephants dance, the sword's ball thingie just comes TROUGH your elephant's ear, kind of looks like a pearcing, earring! :3 Be sure to try this out! Did you like today's RARE? Would you like more items like this to come out? What about the facts, did you know them already? Or what about the elephant and sword glitch, did you see it before? Be sure to leave a comment on what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^

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