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Monday, 31 March 2014

Rare Golden Headphones + 3000 views!

Hello Jammers!
Today is quite a day, yet I am SO sorry (once again) for this late post ^.^ Anwho the 1st thing I really like today is that we have reached 3000 views! How great ^.^ I think we should have a celebration or something! In other news today is Monday, and we ALL know what it means! Rare item Monday ^.^ And surprise oh surprise, today's rare is the Rare Golden Headphones!
How neat! Yet expensive ^.^ I was lucky enaugh to have the EXACT same amount of gems so of course I bought it ^.^ It is located at the Epic Wonders' clothing orb, 1st page so be sure to grab one before they leave the stores! While over at the DE we have an article about today's neat rare!
That Raccoon seems to be enjoying his golden music! He's stylish as well ^.^ This Article includes a cool picture drawn by the AJHQ and a few facts abotu headphones! Be sure to read it ^.^ What other rares would you like to come out/return? Should we have a celebration? If yes then where or when? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. I think the headphones are overpriced. XD

  2. they are.. if you don'e have enough gems just get the creme headphones XD
    they looks almost exactly alike :3

  3. stuff i posted about games, bruh!!

  4. Wow you sure went crazy on these faces ^.^


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