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Monday, 10 March 2014

Rare Flag, AJC and blog updates

Hello Jammers!
Today we have an amazing never seen rare in the stores of Jamaa! The Rare Flag!
Such amazing colors! Who knew red and black went well together? And this item like the old flags has a little eagle feather detail ^.^ So maybe this was a clue for eagles? Who knows? Anywho, these are located on the 2nd page of Jam Mart Clothing and cost 750 gems (not that pricey for a rare!) so be sure to grab a pair, these are great for trading later :3 Over at the DE we have an article about the cool rares from the AJHQ!
That picture looks so neat! I love these new animal drawings ^.^ Be sure to read fact-filled article! It includes some cool facts :3 Now to the topic of the AJC, I set up a poll around 2 weeks ago and it has now ended! And we got these answers: 12 yes and 0 no! I think that's great! So why not? Let's start this community and Help AJHQ protect AJ from scammers, hackers and other! On a side note, I thought of making anonymous users stand out with the style of AJ as well so maybe this picture should be their picture on comments?
How about it? Do you like today's RARE? What other rares would you like to come out or return? What do you think about the anonymous picture? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


  1. Hey its me again! ^.^ i was wondering if i could be your buddy. If we seem to be on at the same time could we do the interview? My username is cheeselover12345. I sent you a jam a gram yesterday saying it is dark star warrior cat from the bog

    1. Of course we can ^.^ I sent you a request not that long ago

    2. oke i am sooooooo happy i am flipping out


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