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Monday, 3 March 2014

Rare Damask Blanket and clues!

Hello Jammers! ^.^
I'm so sorry for all those late posts, to maybe pay up for that I'll share some clues for new animals I found all over Jamaa, but first the new RARE! The RARE Damask blanket ^.^
 I love the color Combo so much ^.^ Pink and blue goes well together! These awesome items are located on the 3rd page of Jam Mart Clothing and cost 850 gems! (quite pricey, but worth it! I think...) So be sure to grab one of your own! Over at the DE we have an article about these RARES from the AJHQ!
I really love these new animal design things! Cause those old ones were a bit boring ^.^ And quite a description, thank you AJHQ! Now for the clues, I have to warn most of those clues came true!
The first one that catches almost everyone's eye, the horse drawing in Epic Wonders! It's really big so not many jammers haven't noticed it :3 It was here before the horses so I guess this clue came true ^.^
This one is as well very easy to spot, yet not many Jammers have seen it :3 This amazing dino is located at the Mt. Shiveer near the moon lake!
 This one is as well easy to spot, it's not located in any land but in fact a loading thingy, on the Graham one actually! This one was here before the deers so this one is as well a clue that came true!
This is a picture of a bat, located in the Brady Barr's lab above the door, and as you know Bats are a limited-time pet on Halloween so this one ALSO came true!
This picture is as well located at the Lab! It is on the right of the door, with it's bright color not much missed it ^.^ There are butterfly pets so once again, this clue has came out!
 This clue is in Lost Temple of Zios, it is the door to the Lab. As you can see a snake is drawn/carved on the door and as well it came out as a pet after this sighting ^.^
This one isn't very clear but I might have been the first one to spot it, that is from everyone I know. This is a drawing of an octopus near the exit of Art Studio it might be hard to find it on the first time but you might spot it, and once again, octopuses came out after this so that means another clue has been confirmed!
This is a little statue of an elephant which is quite an uncommon animal in animal jam. This little statue is located on the first floor of the Temple of Knowledge above the 1st book from the left. And once AGAIN another clue confirmed!
Now this, this might either be an ostrich or an eagle, can't really be sure ^.^ If eagle then another clue confirmed if ostrich or other bird then, coming soon? 
 Now these bird-like claws! Maybe these mean bird animals? If yes then ANOTHER clue confirmed!
Now this giraffe doll/statue thingy, this can be found in the Art Studio on a shelf. There is also one in the Temple of Knowledge 1st floor near the elephant statue. :3
Now this might be as well the most spotted clue, this is a Moose/Deer, mostly looks like a moose. If a moose, perhaps coming soon? Well, I think that's all! Feel free to comment if I forgot any! What rares would you like to come out or return? Do you like the new art for rare Monday posts from AJHQ? Did you like these clue thing? Would you like me to do things like that more often? Be sure to comment, Happy Jamming!


  1. Lots of ^.^ faces again o.o

    Also, I think you kind of copied Snowyclaw's spring template and comment form? People have imagination... USE IT ;A;

    Anywho, I agree about the DE post

    1. People are free to use whatever template they want really.

    2. Snowy didn't create the template, Blogger did, so I don't really see what the problem is. Maybe he just liked the template. And he didn't copy Snowy's comment form, either. Do you expect him to say "Don't bully, don't say bad words, don't hurt people's feelings, and respect everyone's opinions." in Chinese? Sorry if that was rude, but it was true. :P

    3. Ok, ok, ok! I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, it just looked similar. Ok, do I go die in a hole now?

    4. No no! Don't call yourself that, I myself didn't really realize that snowy's blog looks the same o.o I'll change it later as well with the ^.^ faces XD

    5. I really like the new template! Sorry about that. /).(\

    6. Don't worry about that, I didn't really notice that it looked like Snowy's blog o.o And I'm happy you like the template ^.^

  2. Nuu. I wanted there to be a RIM Den Item. They haven't done one of those in a LOOOONG time. D:

  3. Most of those were there after those animals and pets were released, and I also think that some were just used for decoration. Also, moose will most likely not be a future animal, because they fall into the deer category. Moose are the largest type of deer.

  4. Woah.. That bat picture.. If you look closely, it kinda looks like a dragon or winged wolf. O_O


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