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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nesting Peck Doll

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a brand new nesting doll for our Nesting Doll Collection ^.^ The Peck Nesting doll!
Oooh this is so neat! I can't wait to put this near my other Nesting dolls! Though, I don't have enaugh gems, spent tham all on the new Tribe den :3 Anywhoo this item is located in Epic Wonders, Coral Canyons and costs 1000 gems so be sure to grab one :3 While over at DE we have an article about crocodilles and their MASSIBE Jaw bite power from the AJHQ!
What a neat article! I really enjoy AJHQ's little posts! They have both Knowledge AND Media of any sorts! What other nesting dolls would you like to see? Who is your favorite Alpha? Did this Article WOW you? Feel free to comment what you think! Happy Jamming!
PS: As I mentioned earlier, the Tribe den, it's a new thing I have created! This thing includes 7 Different tribes that people can join! I will post more abotu this tomorrow! If you would like to check out the den just go to mine den :3

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