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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fossiled Shark Tooth

Hello Jammers!
Well the maintenance ended, (finally) but nothing really new happened! NOTHING! So this is a bit disapointing, AJHQ and after that, I lost mine Gem Bonus Daily track, now I am back to 1 :( Anywho! Today we have an item that has made a come back to the ocean of Jamaa! The Fossiled Shark Tooth, being sold in Bahari Bergains, Bahari Bay and costing only 300 gems (that's a bit pricey!)
What a neat item, I would say. It comes in all sorts of different colors so be sure to grab a few before they go on clearance again! While over at the DE we have 2 ne articles from the AJHQ!
This one was posted yesterday and it features Dr. Brady Barr and the White Cheeked Gibbon! Did you know there are 2 types? The Southern White Cheeked Gibbon and The Northern White Cheeked Gibbon! Be sure to click the links to find more about these majestic creatures! This article includes facts and a video about the amazing creatures, be sure to watch and read it!
This second one was posted just today and this article includes a slideshow of the Bunny Art from the Jammers around the World, as well with some cool facts! These drawings are really amazing! Be sure to check them out ^.^ Now, some gltiches that I've spotted while exploring the lands of Jamaa!
To joke around with my buddies I oppened up my picked out chat thingies and all this apepared, though with NO words at all! 
I have a curiosity, it's my nature so I clicked one and it just shows ALL the phrases from that box! Some of them go over the screen ^.^ Lastly quite a COOL thing I spotted today!
This bunny was wearing a Princess Neclace and a Mech Angel helmet! This is realyl neat. She might have been there in the beta days and the outfit just kept itself ^.^ What other items would you like to come out or return? Did those neat articles thought you something new? What about the gltich, did it happen to you? Now what about the bunny, have you ever seen anyone like that before? Be sure to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^

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  1. AJHQ DID mention that they were only fixing glitches and adding more room for more Jammers and Animals. I think a little gratitude would be nice, it's hard to run an online (:P)


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