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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Clover Trident

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a returning classic from last year's Lucky Party, located in Bahari Bergains! The Clover trident which is still being sold for 500 gems!
This is a pretty neat item! I really like how it's dents are actually covered with clovers ^.^ Be sure to grab this awesome limited-time item before it leaves the shelves of Jamaa. On the other news, a new Jammer Art post in the theme of Lucky Day from the AJHQ in the DE!
These are quite amazing drawings! It as well includes a tip on how to find the four leaf clover, quite simple I guess ^.^ What other classic would you like to come out? Maybe an item, what new item would you like see next? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^
PS: Sorry for this really short post, been really busy with school >.<


  1. testing the new anonymous picture

  2. Cool post!

    1. Thank you! I see that the anonymous picture is working ^.^


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