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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Clover Skirt and Ultimate Smiley Face Guide

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a returning Lucky classic from last year's Lucky Party in the stores of Jamaa! And along with it I've got a new guide to make the ultimate smiley faces such as ^.^ <.< >.> >.< and so on! Speacial thanks to earthranger246 for showing me this and Pink200330 for letting me use her den for taking these snapshots of the guide! But first, the new item!
Quite stylish and fashionable ^.^ These amazing underwater skirts come in a lot of festive colors, they are located at Bahari Bergains and cost only 550 gems (quite expensive), so be sure to grab a pair of these ^.^ Over at the DE we have a Jammer Tip about the new shops in Jamaa from the AJHQ!
That's cool, thank you for reminding us, AJHQ. Speaking of dens, Snow fort dens are now on clearance!
Be sure to buy these before they leave the Den Shop, Coral Canyons! While exploring Jamaa, I got these neat messages from the AJHQ!
Ooh, that's neat! I sure will ^.^
Thank you for reminding us, AJHQ ^.^ Now, for the guide! First thing you might want to do is go to the search thingie on the top of your page and write in the emote you want to do in Jamaa! I chose meow meow =(^.^)=
Once you've picked the emote write it in there and highlight it, like this
Once you've done that, right click the highlighted writing!
Once this opens click Copy.
Once you have copied it go the Animal Jam chat box!
Once you got there right click it.
Scroll to the paste with your mouse and keep clicking it until it works, if it closes do it again :3
Once this shows up, click send near the writing thingie or click enter on your keyboard.
If you done everything correctly, this is what should happen ^.^ I hope this helped! Once again a HUGE thanks to earthranger246 for showing me this and Pink200330 for letting me use her den to take snapshots :3 What other items would you like to return or come out? Have the messages helped you? Did the guide lead you to good results? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^


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