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Friday, 14 March 2014

Clover Earmuffs

Hello Jammers!
Once again, a lot of studies and I am SO sorry for all these late posts >.< I hope I can pay it up for that! Anywho, a returning classic has just found it's way to the stores of Jamaa! The Clover Earmuffs ^.^
These are really neat and come in 7 DIFFERENT colors so be sure to grab these to keep your ears warm! These are located at Jam Mart Clothing and cost only 200 gems ( I think that's reasonable! ) Over at the DE we have an article/video about the pandas from AJHQ!
This article includes some facts about panda's diet and how much are left out there, you can as well watch the video and find out if giant pandas and red pandas are related ^.^ But wait, what? The last line says: ''Pandas in Jamaa are endangered, so remember to make a new panda before they go into hibernation'', I thought they are going to be traveling o.o! Anywhoo I noticed this annoying, yet neat glitch while exploring Jamaa!
One item's tag just hangs around there!
Even when you try to view a different item's tag! Speaking of items, I noticed this clothing glitch with beanies and tigers!
At some point a grey line appears under the beanie, strange and neat ^.^ What other returning classics or new items would you like to see in the stores of Jamaa? Did the video teach you anything new? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming!


  1. Chances are, based on your timezone, you post early to other people, because you already post as soon as I come home.

  2. i post if i can before i go to school :3



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