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Friday, 7 March 2014

Clover Cape

Hello Jammers!
Today we have a returning classic from last year's Lucky Party! The Clover Cape!
(Note: This picture was copied from Animal Jam Spirit cause I didn't have enough gems to buy an ocean animal and find the item) Personally I love this item! These items are located at Bahari Bergains, Bahari Bay and cost only 450 gems so be sure to grab a few! In other news... something REALLY big came out!
If you see Arctic wolf, Eagle, Lion, Snow Leopard, Cheetah or Kangaroo plushies then that's it! These amazing little fellars have came out in all of the claw games, yet, they are really hard to get! I already spent over 1095 to get any of them ^.^ Good luck finding one! These were first expected to come out in the upcoming Leap Year, 2016! Click here to find out what Leap Year means! In other news, over at the DE we have an article about Sharks from the AJHQ!
This is neat! Be sure to check that video out and read the facts under it ^.^ What other items would you like to come out? Do you think that the plushies coming out is big news? Feel free to comment what you think, Happy Jamming ^.^



    The only plushies I'm planning to hog are the lion and kangaroo. I want all colors. And you're blog is getting better! You're one of those I save to read for last!

    1. I wish good luck to your plushie hogging ^.^ And I am so thankful you like this blog, maybe I could improve it somehow?

    2. Could you add pages? :3 Also, I already got two eagle plushies! :D
      I love collecting plushies. In my opinion, they're more fun to collect than rares. :3

    3. Oh of course! What pages should I add? And I agree! Plushies are better than rares! ^.^

    4. Yeah. And more huggable.
      -Hugs a plushie- SO SOFT!
      -Hugs a rare spiked collar- OWWWW!

  2. Hello,

    I am doing famous Jammer Interviews and was wondering if i could do you. Please respond!

    1. I think that's a wonderful idea! Yet I have no time with school in season, I'm really sorry :(


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